Friday, February 18, 2011

Home Decorating Inspiration Ideas- Curtains!

Need some home decorating inspirational ideas to get the juices flowing? I will be covering different ideas of this- called "Home Decorating Inspiration Ideas" throughout time in this blog! Today, we will give you a few ideas for curtains around your home! Now, I LOVE wooden blinds and shutters, but there is something about dressing up your windows with curtains (also) to really give it that at-home/ "home-y" feel. Open them wide during the day and let the light shine in and the breeze from the open window blow lightly across the rooms... ahh, bliss. Then, close them up at night and the mood changes... it becomes intimate, restful, relaxing. Perfect for an evening on the couch watching a movie! Here are a few ideas for kinds of curtains, how to hang (ie: how far above the window), colors, and just all around having fun with curtains! Enjoy the pictures and let me know of any other ideas you have for curtains- or pictures of them in your home! We'd LOVE to see and show them on our blog!

Master bedroom white, ceiling to floor silk curtains. Hang two panels in a room accent color from a pretty decorative rod as high as you can on the wall to the floor, laying in a soft puddle. Instant glam and lengthens the room!
Living Room dual panel brown curtains with gold and bronze-ish- brown accent center valance. Hang two panels in a room accent neutral color on a striking wooden or metal decorative rod directly above the window. In the center, like these, a matching accent valance adds the perfect added dimension to the windows- and room!
Bright gold, red, and amber striped pinch-pleated drapes are the perfect style for the dining room. Hung at least 12 inches from the top of the window from rings that match the decorative rod (at least 1/2inch-1inch larger circles to easily slide on the rod), these curtains keep the formal dining room looking, well, formal! Double thick decadent fabric enables the privacy for a dinner party at night!    

Have a basement room that is now considered the "mancave"? If you're anything like me, and you do, you probably want to still make it look nice (meaning, you decorate it, maybe not your man ;)). These gold curtains flow from ceiling to floor in a nice, "hard" fabric- they hang straight and are easy to shut to block the sun during the big game! And, in the team colors (cough*Iowa Hawkeyes*cough), HE will love it! 

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