Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine's Day Countdown- Valentine's Day Playlist, 7 Days Remaining

Today is the one week deadline for Valentine's Day! So, if you're reading this today, February 7- you have 7 more days to get your Valentine's Day surprises ready!

Today's day is all about music. You need music to set a mood, help create an ambiance, make someone smile... and everything in between. On Valentine's Day, music is so important- hey, you CAN slow dance by yourselves! Or, if you'd rather, use music (and this list!) to start downloading/burn a CD/or create a playlist for that special someone on the special day.
"Music is what feelings sound like."  ~Author Unknown
Some of my favorite ideas to use music in your Valentine's Day surprises are:
  1. Burn THEIR favorite songs onto a CD or iPod playlist, and give as a gift (with an easy make-it-yourself CD cover!)
  2. Get them a CD of their favorite group or band
  3. Tickets to their favorite on Valentine's night?? Perfect!
  4. Create a playlist of songs you two listened to together... from when you just started dating, the day you got married, a favorite vacation/roadtrip, or your wedding dance DJ list. 
  5. A group of songs that make YOU think of HIM/HER. So special. (extra credit? Write the reasons why those songs are so special to you about them!)
Okay, now that you have a bunch of great ideas, here is a list of some of the best, most romantic, favorite songs to use on this day! Play them at dinner, while you're proposing, to dance to, or in the background while you sit and talk. Enjoy!
If you have any of your favorite, please share with us! Enjoy!

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