Monday, March 14, 2011

These are a FEW of My Favorite Things!

So... I love a lot of things. I mean, lets be honest... I do. So... I thought I would share a few of these things with you!! Whether you're looking for a gift, or something for yourself- I'm full of good ideas! :)

Bordello Black High Heel Platform PumpBlack High Heels. For something that will never go out of style, you can wear with about anything, and it always makes you feel good? The classic black heel.

Silicone Scone Pan I got this pan for Christmas 2010 (Thanks, Deb!), and truly love it. I use it for chocolate chip scones, but it can also be used for little cakes, or corn bread! Doesn't require cooking spray, and when they're done... they fall right out! So easy.
Love & Other Drugs This movie...Love & Other Drugs. I. LOVE. IT. Sooo good! A dramatic romantic comedy... that brings tears!

Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book Such a classic, good cookbook. Recipes for the advanced cook, but all the small details, measurements, and helpful pictures for the beginner starting out!

Peony Full Blossom Pink StemsPeony Full Blossom Pink Stems Peonies are my favorite flowers. I think they look so charming. And, speaking of... like an old soul would love. These seem so vintage to me, and smell great to boot!

Dunkin' Donuts Ground Coffee, Cinnamon Spice I make coffee daily at home. Okay, unless it's on my Starbucks day. But, regardless, this Dunkin' Donuts coffee that I make is my FAVORITE! I'm usually not a fan of flavored coffees, but this one is amazing. The scent of it brewing, and in my cup, I could smell all day long. It is a little spicy, but with sweet coffee aromas and flavors. Mmmmm. I think I'll go make a cup now! :)

Canon PowerShot Digital Camera Canon camera's are my favorite for every day use. They are easy to use, pretty universal, and do a great job of taking photo's.

Now Designs Set of 3 Floursack Towels, Olive Series Floursack Towels My mom gave me some of these a couple Christmas's ago.. '
and I cannot say enough good things about them. They are thin and lightweight, but dry your dishes SO amazingly.

I have many more favorites (of course!)... so, more to come again soon!

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