Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Baby Crochet!

So... as many of you know- we are expecting our 1st baby in June! We couldn't be more excited, and since finding out... I've been busy crocheting baby hats, headbands, and just started one, of probably many, baby blankets! Booties/shoes are next on my list to tackle as well!

I am going to show you all that I've been working on... pics or sites of them done by the originators! I'll upload my finished product pics as soon as we get our new DSLR (coming soon!). :)

I think these products will all be perfect for the new baby... for CUTE pictures as photo props, etc! 

Like any? Let me know and I can maybe whip one up for you! They will be added to my Etsy store then as well. I create something new basically daily or every-other day. Any requests or any good ones you've seen? Let me know!!!

Multi-Color ELF Hat
Mine is a couple shades of pink, green, gray, yellow, and navy. Adorable.

Newborn Earflap Hat
This is the first thing I made, before knowing if we were having a girl or a boy. Mine is white with gray piping... and I will be adding a baby pink, super-light flower!

Owl Hat 
LOVE these! I think they are so precious. Mine is fuchsia on top, pink on bottom, with green and yellow accents!

Teddy Bear Hat
The picture they have on this helps- isn't is so sweet?! I am in the process of making this one now... and I cannot wait to have it on my babe taking some pics.
 Beanie Hat with Flower 
Mine is light brown with a huge light pink flower... and matching light pink piping/trim around.

Flower Headband
Okay... So this is an example pattern that I've used. I must admit I have made MANY different headbands with many different flowers (some big, some small!), colors, thicknesses of the bands, etc.  They're so cute on- why not make multiples?! :) We have an Iowa Hawkeye one, a white and pink one, an all sparkly-light-pink (super-sweet) one, etc!!