Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring! Pink Flowers, Mothers Day, Just-Because-Days!

So, two weekends ago was my moms {35th? ;)} birthday! Her, my dad, and my little brother, Chase, were coming to stay with us for the weekend, because my older-younger brother, Griffin, was playing baseball in Mount Vernon {by Cedar Rapids}, and we were all going to attend. I had been wanting to crochet my mom something for quite some time, but, this time of year, when the weather had been in the 80's, I just didn't feel like a scarf was my best bet! I know she would love a blanket {and that will come} next, but I need to find a {perfect} pattern and get started on it! {Finish my baby blanket, first, though!} SOOO... what did I whip up for her that weekend? A bouquet of a dozen roses, of course! I had spotted the pattern for these little pretties on a Pinterest link, so I just grabbed all my pink and green yarn, and got started!

Pattern I used is found here.

Her finished product!

I am not putting these on my Old Soul Charm ETSY store, because, frankly, they take too long and labor-intensive to make! Butttt..... that being said, if you or anyone wants one, or a dozen like these, message me, and I'll see what I can do!

Aren't they gorgeous? I heard they look beautiful sitting on her table at home- and are the perfect "spring-time" accessory!

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