Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Update: About ME!

So, it appears I haven't updated my blog with my 'about me' for a while. So... for any of those of you that are reading this and wondering- here it is! About me!

Name: Heidi Lynn
Age as of today: 27 {ahhhhh, seriously?!}
Current location: Iowa
College: Yep, MBA!
Marital status: {don't even get me started... ;)} Not married yet, boyfriend and I living together for 3 years
Boyfriend name: Aaron Lee
Kids: One on the way! Due in June.... baby girl! And our "first" child- our miniature black goldendoodle puppy, Bentley (I'll attach a pic!}
Food: Now?? I'm pregnant, so.... most everything {sweet}, unfortunately! Love me some seafood also. Yum.
Drink: Water w/lemon, skinny caramel macciato's, Stella Rosa wine
Past-time: Crocheting, couponing {yes, I get tons of free stuff... all the time!}, walks with my puppy, Bentley {and anything else with him, actually!}, decorating, researching, cooking, shopping, family and friend time, and being silly with Aaron!

So, to wrap it up.... I'm a small town girl who has since lived in bigger places. Aaron and I met 5 years ago, started dating 3 years ago, and have been about inseparable ever since! We help each other, make each other grow, challenge each other, and most of all- make each other better- together! We are SO excited to have moved back from Monett, Missouri to Marshalltown, Iowa, for Aarons career and to be closer to our family and friends. We loved living in SW Missouri, had tons of great life experiences, and are so happy we had that. But... we are thrilled to be back in Iowa to have our baby girl. We want to raise her here, close to family and friends! This is our first and we are busy preparing everything for her! We started our Lamaze class last night, and we even enjoy that! Our life is going to change drastically, and we know that... but we are both in a great place in life to start that next chapter! In my spare time, I love to cook {try new recipes or make my own}, crochet {see my Old Soul Charm Etsy store}, spend time with our little goldendoodle, Bentley, coupon {I LOVE good deals and free things!}, take walks, and stay connected to family and friends. Life is good!

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