Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Remember You're Her Daddy"

Remember you're her daddy
when she's crying late at night,
when she needs a little loving
to know that it's alright.
Remember you're her daddy
when dolly's lost an arm,
when you take the time to fix it
because you can't resist her charm.
Remember you're her daddy
when she's had a real rough day,
when school's been pretty tough on her
and nothings went her way.
Remember you're her daddy
when she goes on her first date,
when you tell her to be in by ten
and she's not home 'till late.
Remember you're her daddy
when she makes you very proud,
when in a very awkward way
she stands out in a crowd.
Remember you're her daddy
the first man she's ever kissed,
and when you go away
you'll be very, very, missed.
Remember you're her daddy
remember I'm your wife,
we know that you'll love us
for the rest of your life.
 Copyright 2002
Christine Michaels

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dress Clothes and FREEBIE!!!

Alright everyone- lets have a little fun!

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