Tuesday, January 29, 2013


My little baby girl, Sienna, and I had a fun day together. Just mama and baby (and Bentley, of course!) time while Aaron was out of town. I dressed her up, laid her down... and 3 shots later... this little beauty was taken! I got a quick print and hung it on my wall already. I couldn't be more proud and love how happy she looks in this photo! She really is the happiest little thing- and this shows it!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

SO Terrible!

I have been SO SO SO bad at updating my blog... muchless on a regular basis. Whoops. I have been so busy.... mmm, SWAMPED, actually, with crochet orders and photo-taking. So, running that business plus being a mom, dog mom, and significant other, has been keeping me SO busy.

YAY!! I am so excited to be that busy!

I am really random today.... but... thoughts of the day-

  • I just ordered roughly 4 new patterns for baby boots/shoes/sandals, 4 new hat patterns. 
  • I need to make my mom or myself an infinity scarf w/my new, super soft yarn
  • I should make a flower headwrap for myself.
  • I need to get roughly 48 new listings on my Old Soul Charm, Etsy store (puppy baby hat, flower hat, headwrap, scarf, shoes, etc)
  • I am going to keep on booking through my orders and get sent off
  • I need to edit 2 photo sessions worth of pics to get caught up, and prep for the next!
  • I want to make Sienna a Valentines Day hat.... and then a St. Patricks Day one
  • Speaking of St. Patricks Day... I need to get going on a red beard for Leprechaun hats!
  • What ideas should I start for doing Siennas SIX (6!!!) month photos?
  • AND.... order photos for us and grandparents. I'm about 3 months behind on this.
  • Order a 6 month photo canvas of Sienna... or a large to replace in frame... or get another frame.
  • Make more hats for The Market and take them there in a week and a half when I go back.
  • Make another chick hat for Sienna for Easter
  • Try out a new BUNNY hat- with ears that stick up and everything... closer to Easter.
  • Get all of these also on Etsy.
  • Order new photo props/check out some local stores for "fun" stuff
  • Start some new, fun Photoshop things w/photos! 
  • Get all of my vintage books on my Old Soul Charm, Etsy store!
  • Start booking more and more and more photo sessions for Spring/Summer/Fall 2013!
Oh... happy Thursday!