Friday, February 25, 2011

RELATIONSHIP Section!- Dating, Marriage, Statistics, Fun Facts

We are going to start a new section on RELATIONSHIPS! I am so excited to introduce this "section"/group of blog posts that we have, coming SOON! 

Almost all of us are or will be in some relationship now or at some point... whether we are single and dating around, in a serious dating relationship, in the first year of marriage, or have been married for many years (or something in between!).

You'll be able to read all about it HERE! What are the funniest things that've happened to you while in a relationship or on a date? What are ways make it through the difficult first year of marriage? What are the divorce statistics out there? SO much great information is out there... but it is such a strain to have to dig around in it all for the best relationship help out there that applies to and will help you! So, please bookmark the blog and get ready to read all about the in's and out's of "everything relationship"!

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