Sunday, February 27, 2011

RELATIONSHIP Section- Part 1, Dating Statistics

The FIRST part to our relationship section is on all statistics of dating. I love this section, because in my analytical mind, these stats really do boil "it" down!

The idea of dating, for some people, comprise the objective of knowing or searching for the right person, making new friends, and seeing if the feelings you may or may not get from the other person, permit you to progress to the next level. But, not all of the people that are out there dating have such great ideas in mind when they start the dating game! Yes, game. Dating has become a game. Although there are people out there who are, actually, in fact, legitimately looking for love… you must also be aware of the possibility of the other you may encounter.
  • The majority of unmarried adults are, in fact, looking for a long-term, committed relationship. (Hmmm, so all those out there, that you find when dating... really are?! Maybe, just maybe! :))
  • 76% of men prefer brunettes over blondes. (Yay brunettes!!!!)
  • Intellect, a confidence, and the same hobbies in life are attributes that singles are looking for in a partner. So, to dumb it down- if you are good-looking but do not possess some of these traits, you probably won't be getting the date!
  • When speaking specifically about dating statistics in America, there are 100 single women for every 86 men who are single.
  • Money is the top reason for arguments and differences in a relationship. It is okay to have arguments... but, this one is the main reason you may encounter.
  • A large majority of adults think that they could be happy without getting married.
  • Most adults, in the United States, think that it is okay to live together and decided not to get married.
  • Statistics show, that, if you are a women, you have only 15 minutes to impress the guy you are on a date with. Wow! Talk about short attention spans.
  • It takes a woman an hour to determine if she wants to date the guy again... or not.
  • Infidelity ranks the highest when it comes to the cause of a break up. The percentage is more than 50%.
  • Most peoples' top reason for wanting marriage is to have a partnership with another person.  
  • Online dating service members include 40 million American users! That accounts for 40% of the single adults in America!
  • Out of the people involved in online dating, 48% of the break ups are done through e-mail. Wow! I think if I met someone online and started dating them, this would still be a no-no for me!
  • 51% of singles think that flattery is the best way to attract the opposite sex.
  • 2% of men and 9% of women found a dating partner in the bar. So, you may think that that's "your place" to go to find a guy/girl... but, nope!
  • 46% of woman want Italian food for a 1st restaurant date.
  • 67% of men and 86% of women said that they prefer to date somebody who has a bubbly personality, over someone just for their physical (body).
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