Thursday, February 17, 2011

Showing Respect and Consideration

365 Treasured Moments For Couples (365 Perpetual Calendars) 
"Treat someone badly and you can expect they'll return the favor. Treat a person well and you've earned a friend. Even the most devoted person gets fed up with continual bad treatment, but few can resist someone who treats them with respect and consideration."

Ohhh how true! To me, this is one of the biggest deals in life, in terms of relationships (with anyone). It should be a given that if you treat someone good, they'll treat you good in return. If you treat someone badly, they'll treat you badly. Remember the saying "treat others like you want to be treated"? This is why! If you believe in karma... you put something good out there and to others, and you earn a friend back! The second half of this paragraph talks about how even the most loyal, committed, dedicated person is going to, rightfully so, get down, depressed, and sad they have constant, ongoing negative interactions with someone they love of care about in their life. We all have either been or know someone that is in this situation... you feel this way about your husband or wife, you have a family member, a best friend, co-worker... someone that you know who feels this way. We all deserve to have that thoughtfulness, admiration, and value placed on them from those that they love.  Remember that.

So, if it's you, or someone you know, please enjoy and pass on these few sentences.

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