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Valentine's Day Countdown- Valentine's Day Gift Ideas, 1 Day Remaining

Depending on if you're married, engaged, dating, single, or somewhere in between, chances are you have at least one person whom you have to buy a Valentine's Day gift! Usually it's your loved one, and it can take a lot of work to figure out "what to get them"! I know... it seems every year, for the past (at least!) 10 years, I've had a steady "someone" to buy for on Valentine's Day. Now, that person changed throughout the years... :), but there was always still a "someone"!

So... lets get down to it! Some fabulous gift ideas for the man or woman in your life.

NOTE: Cards are the obvious given! Make it a good one on this special day!!!

Buying gifts for MEN on Valentine's Day can sometimes be one of the hardest things to do! Think about what he likes, activities he enjoys, his favorite hobbies, etc. Chocolates, homemade cupcakes, new lingerie (not ON him!), and decorative Valentine's are some basic ideas... But, for new, fresh ideas? Lets start here!
  • Tickets to a game. If he into sports? Have a favorite team he follows? This is perfect. Go with him or let him take a friend. 
  • Massage. Stressed from work, constantly? Sore muscles? Treat him to a body massage at a nice salon!
  • Movie tickets. Wayyyy into movies? Never misses a new release? This is the perfect, and can be romantic, gift for the movie lover. If he rent's more movies than he visits the theater, how about a subscription to an online movie rental store, such as Netflix. Or, to stick with the movie theme, I bet he would LOVE a new Blue-Ray player to watch his movies!
  • Gym membership. Does your sweetie love to workout and stay in shape? Does he want to get back into it? Renew his gym membership if he already has one, or start him one!
  • Beer. Need I say more? If you're man's a beer drinker, he would love a beer gift set.
  • Coffee card. This gift card is perfect! Stop by the local coffee joint on his way to work every morning? Make coffee at home but wishes he could get coffee from a little coffee shop more often? This is the perfect solution, and one of my favorites (to receive also!). He will think of you every time he gets it out of his wallet, for the life of the card!
  • Homemade coupon book. This is also another favorite of mine, and one that I've used a few times. Hand make it, or make one up on the computer and print it out! Some good "coupons" are: massages, cooking his favorite meal, and going to a movie or event of his choice.
  • Organize his closet/music/movies/house. This may sound somewhat silly on first glance, but I do believe it is one of the best things you can give him. Does he wish all of his music was in one place, or organized correctly? Do it for him on his computer. Does he want his movie collection in alphabetical order but doesn't know where to start? He would be thrilled you took your time to do it for him. Does his closet/house look like a tornado hit, or is just not "organized"? Do it!!! I've done this before, and, let me tell you, I know, even a few years later, that it was still talked about as THE BEST gift ever!
  • Callaway Ball Warbird Plus Golf Balls (12-Pack) Golf balls or equipment! Hey, spring is coming, right?
  • USDA Certified Organic Beef Lovers Package What man doesn't love a good steak? And hopefully he'll cook one for you, too!
  • Reebok Pro Zig Energy - Men's ( sz. 10.0 Width - D, Heavy Silver/Winter Classic Yellow/White ) Shoes! If he loves tennis shoes, like a lot of men, these shoes are perfect! See the "My Favorite Place to Buy Shoes" banner at the bottom of the blog for the BEST place to buy! Free overnight shipping, too!
For WOMEN, this can be a tricky day. Either you buy a gift she loves... or, well, you fail. :) The good news is that most gifts, as long as they come from the heart, will be well received! Chocolates, flowers, and jewelry are the standard Valentine's Day gifts. Men- need help? Start here!
  • Romantic weekend away. This is BY FAR my favorite thing... ever... to receive. It is so exciting to go somewhere new and different with your love one. Fly away to somewhere warm, or, take a road trip, even a few hours away. Just getting outside of where you know is great. What better, relaxing gift to receive?
  • Cozy pajamas. Lingerie= for him. But, a pair of cute, comfy pj's?... perfect for the girl on your list!
  • Year of love. Find a nice, pretty vase. Cut out 365 pieces of paper, and on each one, write something special about her, a reason you love her, a word to describe her, or something you want to do in your relationship together. It may seem like a lot of work, but, trust me, this one would be a home run.
  • Personalized. If you plan on getting her jewelry, have a special message engraved on the back or inside. Does she have a favorite piece of jewelry? Sneak it out to get engraved. She will love that every time she looks at something she loves to wear, you will pop up in her mind!
  • Hair/nail/spa gift certificate. Do you know she loves to get her hair done? Her nails? Does she sometimes "go without" in this regard? If so, she would adore that you thought of her "girly" needs with this gift card. And, she'll come home all "prettied up"- for you!
  • Photograph of the two of you. A special photo of the two of you... get it blown up, (changed to black and white if you'd like), matted, and framed. This is so special for her home or office wall.
  • Year calendar. Visit Shutterfly to upload your digital pictures, choose a layout for your calendar (they have these pre-made), add in any special dates, and you're done! Have it mailed to you, or see if you can pick up at a local store.
  • Because You're Special -Womens Gift Basket - Medium Most any woman would love a gift basket full of little things to make her feel pampered and special!
  • I Love You! Valentine's Day Coffee Mug Start her days out right and with a smile on her face, as she pours her coffee into an "I Love You" coffee mug. How thoughtful are you, boys!
  • COACH Miranda Vintage Leather Satchel Handbag Limted Edition 11085 - Teal Does she ADORE purses? If she's anything like me, the answer is probably, YES!! She will be completely surprised if you buy her a brand new, designer handbag. She probably won't believe that you took the time and effort in a woman's store to pick one out for her!
Need more ideas? Have thoughts on some gift ideas? Let me know! Happy shopping.

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